Good Music

Okay so here's a little music that I like;

    **The first time that you visit this page it may take a few minutes to load all of the songs.  You can watch the progress bars on the players.


Fall Into Me

What I'd Give


Brad Paisley

Waitin On A Woman

Raining You

Christina Aguilara


Mercy On Me

Josh Hoge

Ain't No Sunshine(when she's gone)
       Ain't No Sunshine.mp3

Allison Hale
Jar Of Hearts
     The latest song we created.  I'm very proud. 
More Than Words
               The first song we created on our little home recording studio

Temperary Home
              This was recorded on 3-9-2010

My Hero                                                                                                            Seagulls  (Me) 1991
     Sorry-Low volume                                                        

Amazing Grace

     Sorry-Low Volume