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and Meshelle met in May of 1991 on a blind date.
(Thank's to Kevin Mcclain, without you talking me into going to meet her none of this would even exist-Thanks). Dated steady until their engagement in December of 92, and finally their Wedding in April of 94.  In May of 1996 Allison Helenia Hale Came into this world to change their lives forever. In 2001 Kaitlyn Alizabeth Hale Came along to bless them even more. 

Rev. Elbert Davidson Hale


My Great Grandfather


      The Reverend Elbert Davidson Hale went to his heavenly reward October 15, 1965, and was buried October 17th at Jones Chapel Cemetery, Forest Park Ga.  The Reverend Robert Allen Kerr conducted the services.  In the death of Elbert Hale one of the truly great souls of the North Georgia Conference passed from our midst to The Father's House.

     Brother Hale was born November 12th, 1882 at Centre, Alambama, the son of Ellis F. and Josephine Davidson Hale.  He graduated at Emory College and was received on trial in 1903.  He was ordained Deacon in 1905 and elder in 1907.  He married Elma Warlock, of Atlanta, on April 9th 1908, faithful companion throughout his ministry.  Mrs. Hale and three grand children survive him. 

      Brother Hale was never of strong physique and carried on his ministry in spite of this handicap.  In this instance, spirit triumphed over the flesh and he worked faithfully and effectively as pastor and preacher for almost forty years.  Even after his retirement in 1940 he served as assistant pastor at Gainesville First Church and rendered whatever service he was able.  He served the following pastorate-    Howard Avenue, Rome, 1903-05; Kirkwood, 1905-07; Powder Springs, 1907-08; Blue Ridge and Ellijay, 1908-09;  Tallapoosa, 1910-12; Lagrange College, where he was assistant to President Rufus Smith, Dean and Teacher of the Bible and Greek, 1912-14; Woodbury, 1914-18; Forsyth, 1918-20; Washington, 1920-22; Calhoun, 1922-25; Hapeville 1925-29; Trinity, Augusta, 1929-31; Grantville, 1931-33; Supernumerary and Assistant Pastor at College Park, 1933-36; Culloden, 1936-38; Ellijay, 1938-39; Maple Avenue, Marietta, 1939-40.

      Wherever Elbert and Elma Hale served, they were beloved by the people of the church and town and known as devoted servants of God and the Church.

       One of the distinctive features of Brother Hale's ministry was his interest in children and youth.  Long before the "youth movement" in churches became the vogue he organized boys' clubs before scouting came to America, and became one of the first scout masters in the United States.  He was the first to take a group of young people to Cane Creek Falls, doing pioneer camping there and laying the foundation for what is now Camp Glisson.  The beautiful lake there, Lake Hale, recognizes his contribution in this area.  His knowledge and love for God's gifts of nature inspired the young people to an interest in flowers, trees, plants and birds, and to seek to "think God's thoughts after him".

       Those who were privileged to know him intimately found that a more tender, valiant Christian gentleman never lived among us.  Saintly and pure of life, quiet and unassuming in attitude, yet strong and firm in Christian conviction, this man exemplified of of the highest definitions of a christian gentleman, for he was "gentle as a lady and manly as a man".

        Our lives and the lives of the people whom he served were greatly enriched by having him as pastor and friend.  The glow of his radiant spirit will warm our hearts as we thank God for Elbert Hale.

This was written by one of his associates whom we cannot make out his name.  We thank you for this warm story - Whom ever you may be may God Bless you.