What's Your Blues Name?

If you were in a blues band what would your name be?

1. Use your first initial to find your first name...


                                                             A=Fat         B=Buddy         C=Sticky         D=Old         E=Texas

                                                     F=Hollerin'    G=Ugly          H=Brown          I=Happy      J=Boney

                                                     K=Curly        L=Pretty       M=Jailhouse      N=Peg Leg    O=Red

                                                     P=Sleepy      Q=Bald          R=Skinny         S=Blind        T=Big

                                                     U=Yella        V=Toothless    W=Screamin'    X=Fatboy      Y=Wahsboard




2. Use your Middle initial to find your Middle name...


                                                                                    A=Bones       B=Money      C=Harp       D=Legs       E=Eyes

                                                    F=Lemon       G=Killer       H=Hips       I=Lips        J=Fingers

                                                    K=Boy          L=Liver       M=Gumbo     N=Foot       O=Mama

                                                    P=Back         Q=Duke      R=Dog         S=Badboy    T=Baby

                                                    U=Chicken      V=Pickles    W=Suger      X=Willy      Y=Tooth




3. Use your last initial to find your last name... 



                                                          A=Jackson      B=McGee     C=Hopkins     D=Dupree     E=Green

                                                   F=Brown         G=Jones      H=Rivers      I=Malone     J=Washington

                                                   K=Smith         L=Parker     M=Lee        N=Thompkins  O=King

                                                   P=Bradley       Q=Hawkins   R=Jefferson  S=Davis       T=Franklin

                                                   U=White        V=Jenkins    W=Bailey      X=Johnson     Y=Blue





Example: My name is (Sleepy Money Rivers) 







Thanks to Sticky Fingers Resturant for the idea..